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Original Vs Replica Vs Master Copy

Learn difference between Original Vs Replica (Pakistani Concept Dress Material ) Vs Master Copy

Pakistani Suits and Lawn Suits generally start from $20 going up to $200 unstitched within Pakistan on most occasions. Everyone cannot afford those costly materials. So, what manufacturers are doing these days is that they are making a “Pakistani Concept Dress Material” or a Replica which is creating a copy of the Original Product. These replicas are pretty cheap which costs sometimes 5 or 10 times less than the Original dress. For e.g. the Sana Safinaz Original chiffon collection’s price is around $90 unstitched within Pakistan , however its Georgette replica is available for only $30/-.

So, what are these Pakistani Concept Dress Material and Master Copies? Are they worth it? These are some questions that come to the mind when we buy these dress material and most of the times majority of customers do not know the exact difference. I am not saying that you should not buy the replicas, of-course they are Good and some companies make it almost like Original.

Replica or Pakistani Concept Dress Material in a simple sentence means” Copy of the Original Pakistani Suit or Dress Material”. In Pakistan “Replica” are available in several types. There are some low quality replicas that are made from poor Quality cotton and poor embroidery. However some companies in Pakistan manufacture very Good quality replicas as they use Lawn and Georgette. So, how can you check the Quality of Replica? The best thing to look at is material they have used. If they have used the same material that was used in the Original dress and the embroidery is same, it is a good Quality replica. Also- a good Quality replica will cost higher than some other low quality replicas available in the market. So, when you buy ensure that the Quality of Replica is good. The color should not go away in 1st wash. But, at the end of the day you cannot expect that replica will serve you the same purpose of an Original. When you buy replica, just set your expectations right and see value for money rather than comparing it with the Original product.  You cannot expect the replica to have Swarovski crystals or other extra accessories which comes with the original product as sometimes shown in the picture. You should think about replica as good quality daily wear.

Master Copy: Master Copy is also a replica but they are almost 80% similar to the original as they are exact copy of the Original product. The fabric used in master replica is same that was used the original product. The embroidery is same and you can see through the open picture (if available) that there is hardly any difference. They will obviously cost higher than the low quality replica. But still it cost almost half the price of Original.

What prices to expect within USA?

Original lawn (stitched). Luxury collections can vary from $80 going up to $140, depending on price of unstitched material, hand embellishments, stitching, dhl and any other factors that went in the construction of the dress

Original Chiffon (stitched) Chiffon collections can start from $100 (usually very simple party wear) going up to $300 (with being expensive unstitched, requiring heavy embellishments and appliqué work etc)

Master copy lawn (stitched) Since they almost look like the original with very few differences they can range from $65 to $100

Master copy chiffon (stitched) Since they almost look like the original with very few differences they can range from $75 (simple party wear)-$175 (eg maria b wedding collection)

Replica lawn (stitched) they can range from $35 to $75

Replica chiffon (stitched) they can range from $50 to $95

The prices listed are just average estimates, products may cost higher if extra embellishments are added, and high quality stitching is followed.

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